Mastering Characters - the leading archetypes

The 8 Lead Male Archetypes

1. The Businessman

He is sharp, shrewd, and focused on achieving his goals. A visionary with an extraordinary willpower. And he isn’t too keen on exploring his emotions.

Why should he when he has a mountain to climb?

Shadow: The Traitor

2. The Protector

He is a warrior. He defends his home turf and his people. He is passionate, impulsive, and hot-blooded.

Shadow: The Thug

3. The Recluse

He is mysterious and likes being alone.

Gifted with a rich imagination, the recluse is highly intelligent, and can sometimes even be psychic. He also has a philosophical bend, and doesn’t like to get involved in gossip or drama.

Shadow: The Psychopath

4. The Fool

He doesn’t have a care in the world. He breezes through life from one joke to another. And isn’t too aware of reality. He is child-like and innocent, and extremely creative.

Shadow: The Delinquent

5. The Casanova

He is a lady’s man and loves sensual pleasures. He is chivalrous, gentlemanly, and knows how to treat women as equals, enabling them to be sexually open and confident as he is.

Shadow: The Seducer

6. The Revolutionary

He knows he has one true purpose in life, and he is willing to sacrifice himself for that cause. He rouses people to take up arms and make a difference.

Shadow: The Vigilante

7. The Artist

He is creative, emotional, and all his lovers usually find themselves in a love triangle with his art. He is intensely romantic. But he has the tendency to fall out of love when the initial whirlwind subsides.

Shadow: The Abuser

8. The King

He is the ruler. The CEO of the company. The head of the family. The ruler of the country. He makes laws, dictates them, and abides by them. He is the supreme head.

Shadow: The Dictator

The 8 Lead Female Archetypes

1. The Seductress

She cares about beauty, sensuality, and being the center of attention. She also has a child-like wonder and creative streak. She is intensely desired by many.

Shadow: The Femme Fatale

2. The Amazon

She is a feminist, and fights to protect women and children. She doesn’t give a damn about societal constructs that don’t make sense to her.

The Amazon is in sync with her masculinity as well as her femininity. She is a warrior and fights for what she believes in.

Shadow: The Vigilante

3. The Father’s Daughter

She believes she is superior to women, and always does things to please the strongest men in the room. She may even fight against women’s equality (and support patriarchy) because she believes women are weak (but she isn’t). She is “one of the boys” and rejects her femininity, because of which she climbs the ladder of success quickly.

Shadow: The Backstabber

4. The Matriarch

She is the provider and protector of the family unit. And in return she demands respect and devotion from her family. She is strong and likes to control the lives of her loved ones.

Her identity is linked to her family, especially her husband.

Shadow: The Scorned-Woman

5. The Nurturer

She sacrifices herself to provide for her children. She has no life of her own. Her sole identity is based on what she can give and do for the people she nurtures and protects. She doesn’t have to be a mother to be motherly.

Shadow: The Over-controlling Mother

6. The Maiden

She is an innocent without a care in the world. The classic damsel in distress. She believes everything will be alright, and if it isn’t someone will be around to get her out of the soup.

Shadow: The Troubled Teen

7. The Mystic

She likes to be alone and live her life peacefully. She has psychic abilities and is empathetic. She is mysterious and feminine. An enigma.

Shadow: The Wolf-in-sheep’s-clothing

8. The Martyr

She believes her life has a purpose, and is willing to sacrifice herself for the cause. But unlike the male revolutionary who preaches and mobilizes people to lead them, she leads through example. People follow her and learn from her actions.

Shadow: The Destroyer